Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Matthew 25 Center do?

We provide overnight housing to family members of inmates incarcerated locally in order to facilitate visitation. In the vast majority of cases we provide a single night's stay at our facility, however persons who travel great distances may be provided two night's stay.

Do inmates come to the center?

Absolutely not!  All inmates remain incarcerated at all times.  The center is strictly used for the family of inmates and at no time are the inmates able to leave their facility.

Why should I support the Matthew 25 Center?

The Gospel!  We believe the Bible clearly outlines who we should be and how we should behave.  While we fully recognize that the inmates incarcerated have committed a crime and do not excuse their behavior, we strive to facilitate family visitation of the inmates in the hope that these visitations will reduce the possibility that, upon release, the inmate or their children will commit further crimes leading to reincarceration. 

Where does my money go?

100% of all monies donated go to the operations of the facility.  There are costs for annual audits by a certified accountant and other associated costs but the only individual who is paid via the monies raised by the center is our facility manager/executive director.

How do I give?

Click the "Donate Now" button on our Homepage! You can choose to do a one time donation or a reoccurring monthly donation.  

How can I schedule a stay?

Call the number on our Homepage.  All requests for overnight lodging have to be verified by the local detention center prior to being finalized.